• Pastor Brad Harris

Kitchen Talks: Legitimate Authority

Announcement to the Tree Ridge Church Family.

Beginning tomorrow, we will start a parallel study, which will be taught in conjunction with our ongoing Bible study in 2nd Timothy.

This parallel series of messages will be uploaded under the heading of "Kitchen Talks," all of which will be informally delivered from "Ms. Sue's Kitchen. This upcoming series will delve more deeply into the topic of Authority and how you and I, as believers, should relate to it.

For example we will look at the authority of God the Father in our daily lives. We will examine the principle of God's right of ownership over us and our responsibility to yield to that ownership in every aspect of our lives. We will learn how God the Father exercises His Sovereign will and legal right over His creation and how (no matter how much we run or hide from it) His will for our lives will be done. The key to a holy life (in Christ) is knowing how to yield to His mighty power.

Authority, will be the general theme and we will see where God has chosen to exercise His supreme authority over His creation through the offices He has established on earth, as well as, in Heaven. These offices have specific assignments and they exercise their authority by His design and will. No authority is "an authority" unto itself; all authority is assigned by God and when exercised in His will, it should be respected by all gladly.

As Americans we bristle at authority and as a consequence we are reaping "the Whirlwind" of a decaying society, culture and nation. Christians must understand that the majority of the problems this nation faces are rooted, not in the political decisions that have been made, but in the nation's rebellion and sin collectively and individually and we must repent before it is too late. I look forward to us all learning together as we all look forward to the day when, "every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord."

May God Richly Bless You My Beloved, Pastor Brad

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