Setup Monthly Tithe

1.  To create an account, click the Sign In tab.

2.  Click Register for an Account and complete the info requested.

3.  After creating your login, sign in.

4.  At Give Now under My Donation select FUND from the dropdown.

5.  Select one from the list:  Cleaning Supplies, Lawn Care or Tithes.

6.  Enter an Amount.

   6b. If Adding Designations: Click +Add Donation and select a different fund to           give.  Enter an Amount. Repeat this as needed.

         If done in error click the trashcan icon to delete.

   6c. If Recurring Giving: Check Make this gift Recurring. Select Frequency and            Start Date from calendar.

7.  At I’d Like to Give By choose either Credit Card or Bank Account and enter info requested.

Note: You can choose Credit Card if using Debit Card to process tithe.  Check Save Card or Save Account if you want to retain info and not enter it in every time.  This must be checked for recurring giving.

8.   Convenience Fee (Optional): Leave it checked only if you will be helping to cover the processing fee. 

9.  Click Submit.  You will get an email confirmation.  Takes 2-3 days to process and post to account.  Note:  You can also track your Scheduled (recurring option) and History of Giving with a Login account.

Tree Ridge utilizes easyTithe to service online giving. 

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